The following selection of 5 best alternative bars in Prague shows you the real face of local pub life. These are the places we visit after work with our friends. 

Presenting you  fantastic  alternative bars in Prague away from touristic hustle and bustle of the city center.

1.Vinohradsky Pivovar

Vinohradsky Pivovar is a brewery and pub located in the Vinohrady neighborhood. The place has a relaxed atmosphere. It serves a range of local beers, as well as traditional Czech dishes. Every weekday they offer 3 options of friendly priced meals as a lunch menu. Usually, it is extremely tasty. We highly recommend it for your lunch.


2.U Vystrelenyho Oka

U Vystrelenyho Oka is a total punk. It is located in the Zizkov neighborhood. It attracts all kinds of people. Artists, musicians,bohems, students, and everybody else. They all drink here happily till the early hours. The pub has a crazy, highly addictive atmosphere. It serves a range of local beers, as well as snacks and light meals. Not recommended for food at all. But if you come here already with a full belly you have guaranteed to have an epic night.

 3.Cafe v Lese

Cafe v Lese is a cultural hub located in the Vrsovice neighborhood. Bar itself has a laid-back atmosphere. It is full of hipsters, and serves a range of drinks and light refreshments. It feels like already by being here, one is becoming cooler than ever. Owners are hosting regular events, such as alternative concerts and arty film screenings.

4.Kino Bio Oko The image is showing the atmosphere in Bio Oko

A great hidden bar located in the Letna neighborhood. It shares its premises with an art cinema. It often hosts exhibitions, vintage clothes bazaars, funky book sales… But even if there is no special event happening the place is pretty much always packed in the evenings (and especially after a movie screening ). Therefore it is recommended to arrive here no later than 6 pm to be able to sit down.

5.Cobra bar

Primarily cocktail bar located in the Letna neighborhood is a place to be seen in. It’s called Cobra after the legendary dirty old man’s pub. It was previously located at this place for over 30 years. Guests here are stylish. They are sitting by huge glass windows, sipping their beers or delicious, overpriced cocktails.

These bars offer a different perspective of Prague and give a chance to explore some of the city’s lesser-known neighborhoods while enjoying your drinks like locals.