So finally you arrived here! You bought your ticket ages ago. Our Prague local guide says use it to its maximum! Especially if Prague is supposed to be so beautiful and cheap. Paradise on the Earth! Thailand of Europe! 🙂

But enough of the money issues..

We have all been there. For some strange reason the most fantastic adventures occure always when we are the least prepared. Someone up there is watching his favorite soap opera.!

So you are standing here with your head full of ideas, eager to get deeper into Prague’s life.

Not that pseudo- czech reality show, showed us by “typical 100% Czech authentic” establishments on the square with their white tables and waiters speaking five languages anticipating all your needs (which, by the way, are the only Czech element 500 m2 around –  except the astronomical clock and Tyn church, of course).

But you know all of that. You are a new modern traveler. They can’t fool you.  In your life you were traveling enough to be able to recognize those  globalised super authentic centers of the cities. They look  exactly the same wherever you go.

You are excited to look behind the scene  and you are not afraid to go out and discover.

But, as you are on a budget, you have to discard the idea of hiring any Prague local guide or booking some funky underground pub crawl which would bring you directly into the center of all local happening. (Even our Bohemian Alternative Bar Tours which we are deeply sorry about.)

Even a simple hop on hop off bus seems like a luxurious limousine to you right now!

That’s exactly why we created this little blog as your Prague local guide.

To help you guys find the top places of this incredible city- and not only those most famous. Because we also used to travel (not so much now with the tours operating) and we know how does it feel.

So the first thing we definitely recommend you to try is to escape from the zoo of old town, pass through Kaprova street to Staromestska and take a number 17 tram- any direction- both are fantastic. You can take a picture of the itinerary here:

Advantages of it:

– This tram drives through the entire city.

It pasess along the river so you can enjoy incredible views at the Prague castle+ all the bridges- including the famous one- we all know which one 🙂

– It’s very flexible.

You can hop on and off anywhere you wish. We will get you a little guide of stops which are absolutely “the must” in the next article.

– You travel completely like a local surrounded by locals.

You will see how all the fellow tourists will be slowly disappearing a few stops after Staromestska stop- they have no idea of what they are missing!

– The cost – of course 🙂

The 24 hours ticket costs only 110 CZK = something little more  than 4 Euros!


The only one I can think of is the killing smell of sweat in the summer.

However cool this country is the invention of deodorants is still to be discovered here.

So buy yourself a menthol drops to put them under the nose or learn a yoga belly breathing and enjoy  Prague like we locals do!