Partying your head off while visiting Prague can be difficult if you have no idea of where to go.

Prague is one of the many European cities where its nightlife is kind of divided among places “for tourists only” and “for locals only”. Its not that people in those local places would kick you out. It is not any dangerous to discover alternative clubs in Prague- in the way that you would enter and everybody would be staring at you. Its just that if you don’t have any friend in the city you would generally never come across those bars and clubs as they are not advertised by tourist centers or hotel concierges.

That is why, in this article, we would like to substitute your imaginary local friend and show you around Prague’s alternative clubs and venues worth to visit.

1. Jazz Dock

Musician playing on saxophone. Jazz performance

Fantastic boat hosting one jazz performance after the other. Its program surprise you by rich variety of musicians from all over the world. They are focusing on modern jazz but sometimes you can find also blues, electric blues, experimental vocal music, post bop etc.

During the concerts there is always a great atmosphere. And you can make it even better by ordering some of their cocktails, rums or whiskies. On the menu there is a huge selection including some names we haven’t even heard before.

Food wise we would recommend you try the thyme pancake with salmon- it is to die for.

During spring and summer months this boat with its view on the Moldau river is also great as an afternoon break spot while walking around Prague attractions.

Their address: Janáčkovo nábř. 3249/2, 150 00 Prague 5

Their program

How to get there: take a tram(9,12,20,22) to Svandovo divadlo and walk on Vodni street in the direction towards river.

2. Klub FAMU

Musical performance. Person on the stage is playing on contrabass.

This club/bar/ restaurant is located in the building of Film faculty. It used to be the canteen for hungry university students and it still kind of is but now much more stylish and opened to the public. How it manage to connect the university world with the outside one it is fascinating. It works as a restaurant with delicious and cheap local food during the day and a great night venue with the occasional performances and parties.

Their program is so rich and mixed that is hard to say what they really focus on. It presents some electronic music performances followed by standup comedies, folk concerts etc. As in other alternative clubs in Prague, it is important to have a look before coming here in the evening to have a more concrete idea of what to expect.

Their address: Smetanovo nábř. 2, 110 00 Prague 1

Their program

How to get there: take a tram to Narodni divadlo.( Day trams: 2, 9, 22, 23,18 and Night trams: 93,97, 98, 99) It is next to Café Slavia on the corner.

3. Futurum club

People having fun at the concert

One of alternative clubs operating in Prague for already more than 50 years have got entirely new spirit after introducing regular Friday club nights with 80s and 90s music. It is definitively something worth to experience! A proper old school discoteque with Madonna, Michael Jackson, Take That etc clips playing on the big screen projector for you to enjoy and dance to till early Saturday morning.

This club is usually open only on weekends. On Saturday night it hosts different performers from genres such as horror punk, black metal, rock or psychedelic trance.

Their address: Zborovská 82/7, 150 00 Prague 5-Smíchov

Their program

How to get there: take a tram to Zborovska tram stop( Day tram: 7,4,21,13,14 Night tram: 94,98,99)This place is quite close to the city centre- just across the river so it is easy to walk here.

4. Meet Factory

Funky industrial building in Prague

Actually it is not only a club as music is only one aspect of what it offers to its visitors. Better we can describe it as an international center for the contemporary art offering teatre, music, 3 galleries and ateliers of artists opened to visitors. The center was founded in 2001 by controversial artist David Cerny (remember faceless babies climbing the Zizkov tower?)  After the big floats in 2002 it was moved from its previous location in the Prague 7 area to its new beautiful industrial premises which are ( fortunately or not) quite far from the city center.

The center regularly invites fantastic young artists from all over the world so you will definitely find there something going on. Not even mentioning the bar – hipsters heaven where you can have a drink in the summer months under the hanging cars artwork made by David Cerny.

Music wise they host around 6-7 international artists each month.

Their address: Ke Sklárně 3213/15, 150 00 Prague 5

Their program

How to get there: Its in the end of the universe so we recommend you to take an uber there but if you decide to go by tram :It is CSAD Smichov tram stop(Day tram: 4,5,12,20 Night tram: 94)

5. Forum Karlin

Funky yellow staircase in Forum Karlin

Amazing multi functional concert hall with a capacity of 3000 people regularly hosts artists presenting different genres from metal to piano folk. It is a part of industrial complex in the Karlin area. It is  located in a  wider center so very close walking distance to Prague 1.We recommend to check their program in advance and reserve the tickets beforehand as the concerts tends to sell out and prices are also  much better online.

Their address: Pernerova 51, 186 00 Prague 8-Karlín

Their program

How to get there: take a tram to Urxova stop (Day tram: 8,3,24, 10, 16 Night tram: 92)

6. U Bukanyra

People having fun out.

A must for everyone who likes alternative clubs on the boat (Who doesn’t?) These house boat on Moldau river  is an excellent place to visit on the way from your night out. As a last port of call with a great DJ’s and a real Prague vibe will give you an opportunity to continue dancing till the sunrise. Beautiful romantic sunrise on the river!

Their address: Nábřeží Ludvíka Svobody 1, 110 00 Prague 1

Their program

How to get there: it is one of the alternative clubs which are very close from everywhere in the center. Walking there is the best option but if you would like to take a tram: it is Dlouha Trida tram stop( Day tram 8,15,14,6,26 Night tram: 91,94,96,92). You walk towards the river and it is right underneath the bridge.