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In our beer garden tour, we travel with our small group to five fantastic beer gardens around Prague. Before the tour starts,  we visit the award-winning Burger Letná for an organic 150-gram bacon cheeseburger. We move on to the Letná beer garden with its incredible panoramic view of Prague. As we walk, our guide tells fascinating stories of torture, suicide, prison, secret police, nuclear bunkers, and the birth of Radio Stalin.

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Do you want to experience the real Prague summer vibe?

In our Beer garden tour, we visit five totally different beer gardens in residential Prague away from the crowded center.

Our first stop before we hit the beer gardens is an establishment known across Prague for its quality organic beef burgers.

Following is the beer garden in the Academy of Fine Arts– Europe’s most prestigious art faculty.

As we walk through the neighborhood’s side streets your guide will tell you some revealing stories of Nazi rule, communism, secret police, political prisoners, and heroes who gave their life for freedom. 

Our second beer garden overlooks Prague with magnificent views. 

It is the very place where in 1989 a peaceful march started toward the city center. It was the final days of communism. The Velvet Revolution.

Our next stop is a local community beer garden.

 Very old school. It is right next door to the tennis courts where Martina Navrátilová was coached by her father in 1962. In 1975 she asked for political asylum in the USA. She was 18 years old.

We continue to the place where the largest statue of Joseph Stalin stood for 7 years. 

A stamp of oppression. Today a metronome stands there as a reminder that in time all things pass. Created in 1991. It is officially named The Time Machine.

Above the plateau is a skatepark famous across Europe.

In 1989 a Pirate radio station was set up in a nuclear bunker under where the statue used to stand. It was called Radio Stalin- 91.9 MHZ.

In 1991 it got legitimacy and the broadcasting licence. It became Czech Radio 1. 

Our next stop is a beer garden where artists, skateboarders, students, intellectuals and everyone else hang out.  A cool place.

We then move on to an active Railway station bar. 

The place is steeped in history.

During communism, it was the heartbeat of subculture activists and anti-regime subjects. It has a very authentic feel of Prague’s past and of Prague today.

A place you won’t find in the guidebooks.

Like a time capsule. 

On our Beer Garden Tour you receive:

-five large beers from five different beer gardens

-150-gram bacon-cheese burger with organic beef

Beer garden tour duration: 5 hours

Time of meeting: 12:00

Price: 1 750 CZK / 70 EUR / 76 USD / 60 GBP ***

-Prices in other currencies than CZK may be slightly different, depending on the current exchange rate.

If you decide to book both of our tours, you will receive a 15% discount on the second one.

The meeting place is in front of the Palladium shopping center (footlocker store) at noon. Our guide will contact you before the tour commences so you will know who to look for.

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