New Prague fortunetelling class with shopping in a witch shop


This Prague fortunetelling class tour is just for you if you are passionate about knowing and designing your future. I am an experienced gypsy card reader. I have been crazy in love with my cards since my teen years. Working with numerous clients live and online through Amazon I gained great experience. Now I would like to share it with you.

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Would you like to become a fortune teller?

Our Prague fortunetelling class can help you big time if you are like me.

Do you find yourself often questioning your relationships and life path in general?

Would you love to have someone you can trust available for advice day and night?

Are decisions nightmares for you? And when you finally make one,  you can’t shake that ” But what if…?”

Don’t spend money on fortune tellers. Become one attending our Prague fortunetelling class!

In these 2,5 hours, I will explain in detail the 36 cards of the mystical Gypsy deck. We uncover meanings and connections between the cards + their positions in the spread.

You will learn:

How to ask the correct way and get a precise answer to your questions.

How to energetically clean yourself before and after each reading for your clients ( this we can never skip as it is SUPER IMPORTANT)

How to perform love, relationships, general and decision cards spread

How to use your cards in white magic rituals.

How to continue working with your cards so they will become your best friends.

Our Prague fortunetelling class will take place in the cozy atmosphere of a private cafeteria with a cup of whatever you like.

We will only leave the place once you don’t have any unresolved questions in your head.

And once we leave, we will head towards our second adventure.

We visit my favorite witch shop!

Anything is possible in this place. They sell herbs, stones, amulets, candles, books, and oils for resolving all life imperfections☺

You will get: 2,5 hour mastery fortunetelling class full of real-life examples

-Individual approach

– you are practicing by answering your queries

-3 drinks of your choice in the cafeteria

-Gypsy card deck


Around 3,5 hours ( depending on your questions)-  from this will be approx. 2,5 hours learning Gypsy cards reading in the cafeteria and 1-hour shopping in the witch shop

– this experience will go ahead with 2+ participants

Time of meeting: 10:00

Price: 1 750 CZK / 70 EUR / 76 USD / 60 GBP ***

-Prices in other currencies than CZK may be slightly different depending on the current exchange rate

If you decide to book both of our tours, you will receive a 15% discount on the second one.

The meeting place is in front of the Palladium shopping center (footlocker store) at 10:00 Our guide will contact you before the tour commences so you will know who to look for.

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